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Danaflex produces flexible packaging for oil and fat making industry, confectionery industry, grocery food, cultured milk foods, and other food industries.

We were approached to create a corporate website that would tell customers all about company’s work and production with focus on the scales of output, high aims and professional skills of the Danaflex team. In addition, all the information had to be available on all modern platforms.


Such corporations as Nestle, Galina Blanca, Nefis, Akkond and other entrust Danaflex packaging of their products, which speaks for itself.

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Equipment scheme illustrations present the significance of massive human resources needed for technical support rather than technological power of the company.

It takes eight stages and many highly qualified specialists to develop a product from design elaboration to the packaging.


Inner pages

We designed every page and graphic primitive/widget in one equal stylistic manner to make the site, which contains a wealth of information, look neat and readable.

And more.

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