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ICL Services is a provider of IT services that operates on the international market since 2006. It is a member of ICL Corporate group.

  • Task

    To make a website for an IT company


    IT with a human face: a lot of personalities, a lot of photos, a lot of direct speech.

    Icl Services Icl Services Icl Services

    Expert opinion

    The expert smiles from a photo, the user sees the name and can address to a specific person via a feedback form. Thus we created online atmosphere of friendliness and live communication.

    Icl Services

    We drew 98 icons

    Pattern to design the advantages

    Icl Services

    Banners, step by step guides

    We made a variety for feed rate of the provided information by the sliders with step by step guide.

    Icl Services

    Numbers, forms, interaction elements

    Icl Services

    Services, projects, solutions

    Under the project, totally we realized 67 pages.
    The pattern was adjusted for each page separately due to the different amount of the content.

    Icl Services

    Responsive design

    Icl Services

  • Research

    We talked to the management of the company and the representatives of HR, sales and marketing departments, listened and recorded their wishes.

    After that we realized that the site had two core audiences — customers and employees. For each audience there should be a specific approach: rational for customers and emotional for future employees.

    The customer sent us a lot of content and its processing continued throughout the ten months of the whole work on the site.

    We learned from the customer that each ICL service has an expert. Thus we had an idea to show on the site the faces and quotations from the company employees: experts, successful employees, managers.


    We visualized the structure of services: the services were divided into categories and the solutions — by industries.

    There were patterns of the pages for service, project and solution, distributed the text by blocks. On the page of the service there were added a sidebar and tags to help the user navigate within the section.

    We have provided the blocking page for services, because in the future the list of services will be 2-3 times more.

    Icl Services

    Career section

    Vacancies were grouped by categories and we offered the customer a ready-made structure. They accepted our suggestions and implemented it on the HeadHunter. ru, and we organized parsing. Once the customer changes the information on the HH, and it is automatically updated on the site.

    If there is no suitable position in the category, the user subscribes to a newsletter for job vacancies or just send a resume to the HR-department. On the page there is an opportunity to recommend a friend for a job or share with it in their social networks.

    Icl Services

    Concept Design

    We decided to get away from the popular among IT companies pure «white» design, but relied on the company’s identity colors.

    The first concept — black-and-white banner with the imposition of a bright red. The opinion of our art-director: «It’s hard to grasp.» The designer found a similar decision on the site of other IT companies, and we definitively refused from the monochrome. Banners were replaced by colored.

    The metaphor of a mountain peak was failed too. It is so often used, and therefore we decided to find another way. There was chosen a retro plane, because the ICL — are pioneers in their industry, «the first in the sky.»

    We agreed on the upper menu at the early design stage, but nevertheless in the first layout there was still used side design.

    This decision was an interesting one in design, but not scalable: it would not fit the links to new pages. As a result, we returned to the top horizontal menu.

    Icl Services


    We made a brief for a photographer: there was required a photo with different proportions for different website patterns. He spent four photoshoots under the guidance of our designer and marketing manager from ICL Services, each shoot lasted for two or three days.

    Icl Services

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